Protein Powder vs Protein Bars

whey-protein-powderIt has been known for years in body building circles that whey protein & protein bars are great supplements. Their ingredients help to reduce the risks of heart disease because it can be easily broken down in the body and is thought to increase blood flow within the body. It usually comes in powder form but can also be found in bar form. The standard flavors are Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate.

The fat, sugar and lactose from the milk it comes from has been removed during the refining process and only protein remains. Supplements are good for you; but too much can be harmful so you want to make sure that you follow the directions on the packaging once you select a product.

Two different types of protein exist; they are concentrated and isolate. It is confusing to even the most advanced health food and supplement consumers. Isolate is the more concentrated form and is also the purer of the two when you look at them in a breakdown of the product on a gram to gram level.

protein-barsBars and powder are the two different types of product on the market. When considering which to purchase, that is when you want to look at the ingredients to see which type of protein is in them. Concentrate is cheaper but has higher levels of compounds that are beneficial to the body but less protein per gram. Isolate is a bit more pricey but does not have those good compounds, but does have lower fat levels and higher protein levels.

Your immune system will thank you if you choose whey, as it provides building blocks of amino acids. Whether you are an average Joe or a professional baseball player either form will help you to keep up your natural chemical levels and replenish them when they are down after a workout.

Taking less is the way that you want to go if you are dieting and taking more is the way to go if you are looking to put on muscle. It is an easy formula to remember, less equals lean and more equals mass. Combining the powder or bars with carbohydrates no matter which way you are using it is recommended since it helps to avoid the issues that arise with over training.

Having an adequate amount of protein in ones system will help it to maintain itself. Powders and bars are just one way of doing that. No matter if it is for convenience of if it is because of a medical reason these products are a great way to go. People that are lactose intolerant can take them, people that can no longer eat meat or choose to no longer eat meat can take them, as well as people that are always on the run can use them as a meal replacement system.

With a new company coming out with new flavors and delivery system almost every day the choices are massive when it comes to choosing the right product. No matter which one is chosen, following the directions to ensure that the right amount is taken and the balance is kept, is important. The benefits that can be found on a program that includes whey supplements are tremendous.