How To Prevent Cavities From Forming

cavity-preventionA dental cavity is a tooth disease that involves a bacterial process that alters carbohydrates into an acidic form in the teeth, hence causing a cavity. The tips discussed below ought to give the reader an analytic insight regarding the prevention of this disease. The most common and emphasized means of prevention of cavity is observing high levels of oral hygiene. This entails brushing of teeth, regularly, so as to keep them clean. The most recommended procedure to undertake is to brush them twice a day. This is morning and evening, after every meal. The best toothpaste to use is the one that contains fluoride.

For those who find it hard to clean after every meal, it is advisable to at least rinse using water. This is a general recommendation since it helps to shove off the bacterial matter that may have accumulated in a certain segment of your teeth. At the professional level, it is good to visit a dentist such as MorningStar Dental Clinic in Orleans for a better cleaning. They will be able to examine your teeth regularly and come up with a suitable conclusion about its state. Visiting dentists makes it possible to spot any signs of the disorder so as to treat them at the earliest stage possible. They will be in a position to assign you a schedule that suits your availability.

The use of sealants is also a good idea. They are plastic in nature and their major aim is to offer protection for the molars and premolars, which are found at the hind section of your mouth. It should be noted that these two types of teeth have the sole responsibility of chewing, hence exposing them to greater risks of getting this disorder. The sealants are modified in such a way that they have the capacity to protect the skin from acids and other contaminators. It has been recommended to use this applicant for school age children. The best thing about these devices is that they have a durability period of up to a decade. However, it has to undergo frequent check-ups to ensure that they are safely in their places.


Experts have now revealed that the use of tap water works well to prevent this disorder. The reason behind this point is that tap water contains some percentage of fluoride. This is significant in reducing the chances of decay. Fluoride contains elements that are known to terminate possible contaminants. Recent studies indicate that people who use tap water have a lower chance of being vulnerable than bottle water drinkers.

Consuming healthy foods is also a possible prevention measure to curb it. Avoid foods that stick to the dental formula, such as cookies. But if at all you have to consume them, it is therefore recommended to maintain oral hygiene, immediately after that. Some research reveals that the consummation of foods such as cheese and drinks like milk helps to minimize the chances of this condition. Fruits and vegetables help to increase the flow of saliva hence making it possible to wash away and dissolve the dirt in the mouth.