A Healthy Smile: Foods and Drinks to Avoid

What is the worst of the worst? What should you avoid at all costs? The following foods and drinks are considered the ones to vanquish from your diet when it comes to caring for your teeth.

bad-for-teethCarbonated beverages, including soft drinks, are hazardous thirst quenching choices that endanger your oral health. They have the least nutritional value, and have so much sugar and phosphoric acid that they can begin attacking the teeth within 30 minutes. Some drinks labeled healthy or sport drinks can also be poor selections. Many promise health benefits, but also contain acidic and sugary substances that lead to the breakdown of enamel on your teeth. Be careful even with chewable vitamins, if they contain sugar. Sticky foods, including caramel candy, sugary sweet breads and other sweet carbohydrates are very unhealthy for your teeth. Their sugars are harder to wash away with saliva, therefore, they stay on your teeth longer, causing damage.

Foods that dry out your mouth, including alcoholic beverages, can lead to an accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. Saliva is necessary for flushing away bacteria, but alcoholic beverages keep your mouth dry. Popcorn is an all-time favorite movie snack that we all mindlessly munch on may actually be the real villain. The thing is that small bits of popcorn often get stuck in the small crevices of teeth. If they are left there they can cultivate bacteria in the mouth. And this bacteria can cause, tooth decay, cavities, enamel erosion and many other dental illnesses. But the good thing is that we can enjoy this delicacy every now in then provided that after its consumption with thoroughly rinse and floss.

peanut-butterPeanut Butter
Yes, I know it’s really hard to say no to this one, but this sticky and sugary delicacy is a dental nightmare! Not only will the sugar content feed the bacteria present in the oral cavity but its sticky nature will cause it to stick to the teeth for a longer period of time hence increasing the damage.

Salad Dressing
although a healthy choice, but most salad dressing are composed of a series of ingredients that can actually damage your teeth if left unguarded like vinegar and sugar. We know how sugar can be damaging but vinegar produces an added effect. Its acidic nature attacks the enamel layer of teeth and thus weakens its structure.

some people still don’t know that the sugar content in white bread is immensely high! And it also tends to get stuck between teeth. So like popcorn you have to keep track of its consumption. And since we usually have bread at breakfast this produces an added effect because this means that it will stay in your mouth for a longer period of time and has a greater leverage to cause damage.

Hard Candies and Cookies
These are a no brainer! But taken their frequent consumption and high sugar content, they deserve a position in the top 5. Hard candies damage teeth in 2 ways. Firstly by polluting the mouth with lots and lots of sugar and secondly with their hard structure, which puts a lot of stress on teeth when we attempt to bite on them. And in extreme cases this can cause teeth to be fractured or even chipped off

Other foods to leave on the grocery shelf more often are dried fruits and starchy foods, such as potato chips, bread and fries, as well as highly acidic fruits like oranges and lemons. If you consume them, brush your teeth immediately afterward, or rinse your mouth with water, to reduce their effects.